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Residents of Mayfield Village, Ohio, who want to play a musical instrument, or learn to sing, should take lessons from the experts here at Great Lakes School of Music. At our facility in nearby Mayfield Heights, you can take advantage of private classes and stimulating sessions designed to perfect your musical skills.

Since the business was established in 1996, we have built up a reputation for top quality tuition of both children and adults. We also care deeply about our pupils, and make sure that all our lessons contain a personal touch.

We cater for youngsters from the age of three upwards. Many join us for the regular six-week sessions of Moppet Music and Movement classes we hold. The kids learn how to beat a drum, shake instruments to keep rhythm, learn what a note looks like, and work on their ABCs. The session costs $63, and classes are held between 9am and 9.40am on Saturdays.

For the same price, we offer pre-piano music classes for children aged five and six. The classes are held on Saturdays from 9.45am to 10.25am. Over the course, the youngsters learn keyboard geography on a monster floor piano; start to learn how to read notes; learn rhythm through eurhythmics and instruments; sing to acquire pitch; and learn theory through movement and games.

At Great Lakes School of Music we offer private lessons in a large number of instruments including piano, guitar, violin, cello, snare and tenor drums, clarinet, saxophone, cello, mandolin, trumpet, trombone, viola, ukulele, tuba, and French horn.

All the classes here are designed to give you an excellent musical and vocal grounding and help you towards a future in the business. The private tutors here are among the best in the country so, for the best musical tuition in the Mayfield Village area, call (440) 833-0206 today.

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