Guitar Lessons

Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar Tutors in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

At Great Lakes School of Music we have a tremendously versatile staff who can teach a broad range of guitar styles. They include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and classical guitar. Youngsters can start to learn the basics of guitar playing here from a very young age and then progress through to a more advanced level. We hope to get students to the stage where they can perform at musical recitals and concerts, and use their skills to pass auditions.

Students can learn a variety of guitar styles here - everything from blues and jazz to country, rock, acoustic, folk, and more. You can learn all about scales and theory using our recently launched M.E.T.A.L. lab. All lessons are held in a low pressure, fun environment, and you can opt for private, one-on-one tuition. Contact us on (440) 833-0206 for more details. 

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