Drum Lessons

Drum Tutoring & Instruction in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Drum lessons are a large part of the curriculum here at Great Lakes School of Music in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Drum lessons for kids are an ideal way to get youngsters started in learning how to keep rhythm. Our drum sets include snare drums and tenor drums, and they are extremely popular with the children who come here from throughout the Cleveland, Ohio, area. We have a highly experienced group of teachers here, and they offer beginner drum lessons that are unrivaled. In time, we hope these youngsters can take their drum skills to a higher level.

Drum lessons might be noisy, but it is important to instruct children in how to play the drums properly. It helps them develop a sense of musical rhythm. Our instructors will teach the basics and beyond, and help youngsters to improve their technique. Many of those who have studied here have gone on to form bands.

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